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Warwick Medical School extends sympathy to research colleagues at Tohoku University School of Medicine

Professor Paul Thornalley today voiced his sympathies on behalf of the staff and students at Warwick Medical School, who are all shocked by the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and has expressed sympathy and condolences to all those suffering as a consequence.

Professor Thornalley, from the Protein Damage and Systems Biology Research Group, said: “The Medical School has direct links with Professor Toshio Miyata, Director at United Centres for Advanced Research and Translational Medicine (ART) at Tohoku University School of Medicine. We also collaborate with Professor Masayuki Yamamoto who is the Dean there. And one of our own post-doctoral researchers at Warwick is a graduate of Tohoku University, so this disaster feels very close to many of us working and studying at Warwick.

“We understand that Tohoku University Hospital is severely stretched dealing with casualties and has been providing shelter for many people made homeless by the earthquake and following tsunami. We wish our colleagues in Tohoku University School of Medicine strength and determination in caring for the sick and injured people and resilience in coping with these hugely difficult circumstances.”

Warwick Medical School currently holds a British Council award to investigate diabetes, renal failure and ageing which involves essential collaboration with Tohoku University School of Medicine in Japan.

For further information please conatct Kate Cox, Communications Manager at University of Warwick Medical School on +44 (0)2476 574255/150483 or