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Warwick researchers to study support for struggling new mums

Researchers at Warwick Medical School are inviting new mums to take part in a study about postnatal depression (PND).

On average, 13 per cent of mothers will experience some form of depression following the birth of a child.  This study will examine the benefits of providing a telephone support facility for new mums who might be struggling to adapt, finding things tough or suffering symptoms of postnatal depression. 

Researchers want to test whether using support staff who have personally experienced postnatal depression and recovered, is more effective and beneficial to the new mum on the end of the phone.

‘Mums 4 Mums’ is based on a programme that was developed and evaluated in Canada, and was shown to be effective in reducing symptoms in mothers experiencing postnatal depression.  Warwick Medical School researchers aim to see how effective this type of intervention would be in the UK.

Sukhi Sembi from Warwick Medical School explained:  “If you live in the Coventry and Warwickshire area, have a baby under the age of two years old and are feeling low, overwhelmed or suspect you have symptoms of postnatal depression, please contact us.  We want to hear from as many women as possible so we can evaluate the support facility fully and implement changes that improve the level of care and support for new mums."

The study is being run by researchers at Warwick Medical School and is supported by health visitors at Warwickshire Primary Care Trust. Anyone wishing to participate or learn more about becoming a Mums 4 Mums supporter can contact Sukhi Sembi on:  02476 150508, (m) 07974 955770 or email:  and there’s further information at 


For further information, contact Kate Cox in the Communications office on +44 (0)2476 574255/150483, m: +44 (0)7920 531221 or

PR25 23 Feb 2011

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