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Wedding guests give gift with a difference

When Warwickshire couple, Carrie and Richard Terry decided to wed, it was the second time around for both of them.  Well into their 40s, they already had enough kitchen appliances, towels and tea-cups to sustain any respectable household so they decided they would ask their guests for a gift with a difference – a donation to support ovarian cancer research at Warwick Medical School. 

Carrie explained:  “My mother died of ovarian cancer some fourteen years ago and we wanted to find a meaningful way of including her in the celebrations. 

“I discovered that Warwick Medical School was conducting specialist research into better treatments for women in the later stages of the disease and so I approached them to ask if we might set up an appeal in my mother’s name to help fund their work.”

That’s how ‘The Jacqueline Freedman Ovarian Cancer Research Appeal’ was born and has attracted more than £5000 since last June from friends and family who were able to make their donations via a link from the couple’s wedding website. 

“It was really a perfect match for us,” says Carrie, “not only were we supporting a local cause which was very close to our hearts, Professor Chris Poole from the Medical School was able to speak to our guests, describe his project and thank them in person for their contributions.”

With just under half of all weddings in England and Wales involving people marrying for the second time or more, Carrie is hoping that more like-minded couples seeking a unique way to mark their new-found happiness will ask for donations to medical research in place of traditional gifts. 

Carrie added:  “Not only was it a perfect way to celebrate my mother’s memory, it will also help ensure that in the future, more mothers get the chance to share their daughter’s special day.”

If you are interested in finding out how you could set up something similar, there’s information about how to donate at and more details about the medical research areas Warwick Medical School focuses on at .

For more information about this particular fund please contact the bride, Carrie Terry on 07733 227003, or contact Kate Cox in the University of Warwick’s Communications office on +44 (0)2476 150483/574255, m:+44(0)7920 531221 or


Carrie and Richard Terry