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Our Research Projects

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FASHIoN - Studying Hip Impingement

UK Full Randomised Controlled trial of Arthroscopic Surgery for Hip Impingement versus best CoNventional

Study Page

Uk Heel fracture Trial Logo

HeFt - UK Heel Fracture Trial. To investigate whether surgery by open reduction and internal fixation provides benefit compared with non-operative treatment for displaced, intra-articular calcaneal fractures.

Study Page

KOPS - Investigating why total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) is a treatment that has a proven benefit; however a proportion of people, possibly as high as one in six, have less satisfactory outcomes after surgery. Study Page

METRO - Meniscal tear outcome study (METRO). The purpose of this study is find out what is the current management of young patients (patients under 55) with meniscal tears in the population and what happens to these patients. Study Page

RACER-HIP - Robotic Arthroplasty: a Clinical and cost Effectiveness Randomised controlled trial for Hips (RACER-Hip)

Study Page

RACER-KNEE - Robotic Arthroplasty: a Clinical and Cost Effectiveness Randomised controlled trial (RACER) Study Page


SAFE-TKR - Safety and Feasibility Evaluation of Tourniquets for Total Knee Replacement Study Page


STARTS:REACT - Sub-acromial spacer for Tears Affecting Rotator cuff Tendons: a Randomised, Efficient, Adaptive Clinical Trial in Surgery (START:REACTS) Study Page