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The ALIFE2 trial results are published here:

  • Siobhan Quenby, Katie Booth, Louise Hiller, Arri Coomarasamy, Paulien G de Jong, Eva N Hamulyák, Luuk J Scheres, Thijs F van Haaps, Lauren Ewington, Shreeya Tewary, Mariëtte Goddijn, Saskia Middeldorp, for the ALIFE2 Block Writing Committee and ALIFE2 Investigators, Heparin for women with recurrent miscarriage and inherited thrombophilia (ALIFE2): an international open-label, randomised controlled trial, The Lancet, (June 2023) DOI:
  • You can also read this news article, published on the Tommy's website, which describes the findings.

Previous ALIFE2 Publications:

  • Eva N. Hamulyák, Paulien G. de Jong, Luuk J.J. Scheres, Lauren J. Ewington, Saskia Middeldorp, Siobhan Quenby, Mariëtte Goddijn, Progress of the ALIFE2 study: A dynamic road towards more evidence, Thrombosis Research, Volume 190 (2020) Pages 39-44
  • de Jong, P.G., Quenby, S., Bloemenkamp, K.W. et al. ALIFE2 study: low-molecular-weight heparin for women with recurrent miscarriage and inherited thrombophilia - study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials 16, 208 (2015).