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16 November 2018

De-ESCALaTE Trial Published in The Lancet


The results from the study have been published online in The Lancet, showing significantly higher 2 year survival in HPV+ oropharyngeal cancer patients receiving chemoradiation compared with cetuximab and radiation.

22 October 2018

Main De-ESCALaTE Results Presented at ESMO 2018 Congress

The main results of the study were presented at the ESMO 2018 Congress on 22 Oct 2018. Congratulations to Prof Hisham Mehanna, Prof Janet Dunn and all staff who worked on the study. For more details:

28 October 2016

Trial Closes to Recruitment after Reaching Target

De-ESCALaTE has closed to recruitment after randomising 334 patients into the trial, 10% over the initial target of 304. Congratulations to Northampton General Hospital for recruiting the final patient and to Weston Park Hospital for being the highest recruiting site overall with 46 patients. Many thanks to all participating sites for their efforts in helping the study reach its targets.

06 January 2015

Second International Site Opens to Recruitment

De-ESCALaTE has opened its second international site and first site in the Republic of Ireland, Saint Luke's Radiation Oncology Network at St Luke's Hospital, Dublin. We're very pleased to welcome our colleagues in Ireland to the study.

04 December 2014

The De-ESCALaTE HPV Trial Opens Internationally


We’re delighted to announce that the De-ESCALaTE HPV Trial has opened to recruitment in the Netherlands. The VU Medisch Centrum, Amsterdam, is the first international site to be opened to recruitment, both to the De-ESCALaTE HPV Trial and at Warwick Clinical Trials Unit in general, and we look forward to working with our colleagues in the Netherlands.