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Healthcare Professionals

Final Recruitment: 4089 pts.

Sites participating: 158

Patients: 4089/ 4000

You helped us to accrue 102% of our overall target!

A big "thank you" to all clinical investigators and research staff at all of our sites for your continued support with the trial.
Your hard work and efforts with screening, approaching, consenting and randomising eligible patients to the trial is very much appreciated.

Persephone Protocol v4.1 Dec 2018 PDF

Trial Management Group

Name Organisation Role
Prof. Helena Earl Addenbrooke's Hospital Chief Investigator
Prof. Janet Dunn University of Warwick Trial Advisor
Kerry Raynes University of Warwick Phase III Trial Coordinator
Donna Howe University of Warwick

Clinical Trial Administrator

Michelle Davitt University of Warwick

Clinical Trial Data Support

Dr. Louise Hiller University of Warwick


Prof. Carlos Caldos

Addenbrooke's Hospital

Translational Clinical Co-ordinator

Anne-Laure Vallier Addenbrooke's Hospital Phase III Trial Coordinator (Pharmacovigilance, Pharmacy and Translational Studies)
Dr. Claire Hulme Leeds University Health Economics





Persephone pomegranate
Our milestones so far:
  • Grant Start Date: 1st April 2007
  • MHRA Clinical Trial Approval: 10th May 2007

  • North West REC favourable opinion: 9th August 2007

  • First patient recruited: October 2007

  • 100th patient recruited: January 2009

  • 500th patient recruited: February 2010

  • 1000th patient recruited: December 2010

  • 1500th patient recruited: August 2011

  • 2000th patient recruited: April 2012

  • 2500th patient recruited: December 2012

  • 3000th patient recruited: October 2013

  • 3500th patient recruited: August 2014

  • 4000th patient recruited: July 2015. End of Recruitment phase

  • Results were presented at ASCO in June 2018