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The Intensive Care Foundation are pleased to announce that the Breathe study has received confirmation of funding from the National Institute of Health Research Health Technology Assessment Programme. The study is being run by the Foundation's Research team in collaboration with Warwick Clinical Trials Unit and Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust.

Patients with acute respiratory failure often require invasive ventilation to unload the respiratory muscles and support gas exchange until the cause of the respiratory failure improves. Invasive ventilation used over a prolonged period of time might lead to ventilator associated pneumonia. This, in turn, is associated with increased morbidity and trends towards increased mortality. For these reasons, clinicians caring for patients who need invasive ventilation strive to reduce the duration of invasive ventilation while optimising the chance for successful extubation

A meta-analysis suggested that use of non-invasive ventilation to wean critically ill adults off invasive ventilation was associated with decreased mortality and other clinical benefits (Burns et al. BMJ, 2009, 338:b1574). The net clinical and cost effectiveness of non-invasive ventilation based weaning compared to other weaning strategies is uncertain.

The Breathe study is a pragmatic, multi-centre randomised controlled trial designed to evaluate the clinical benefits and cost effectiveness of non-invasive weaning.


Key Contacts

Chief Investigator: Professor Gavin Perkins g dot d dot perkins at warwick dot ac dot uk

Trainee Trial Coordinator: Adam de Paeztron

A dot de-Paeztron at warwick dot ac dot uk