Q. I’ve got a few patients that are able to do all balance exercises unsupported for maximum duration fairly easily. They can heel-toe backwards walk with no support 4 times, stand on one leg for 30 sec unsupported and tandem stand unsupported for 30 secs etc. and they’re only at 6 weeks!! How do you want me to progress them? Or do I just keep them at what they are doing? A. Are these participant only doing Level 4 exercises or in total, how many of the balance exercises are they doing? I know some of the other exercises are easier but it may be that you give them more of the exercises to try to keep their interest i.e. do they have time to do all 12 exercises??? and also try to increase the time doing unsupported one leg stand and tandem stand i.e. 50 seconds and increase the number of times doing heel-toe backwards. They really are the tricky ones to try and push without them losing interest.