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Working with the public

    Who will take part in the study

    We are looking to speak with people from a diverse range of communities who are familiar with life in these marginalised, high-risk areas in the West Midlands. We would especially like to hear from people from Black African, Caribbean, South Asian or mixed heritages. If that’s you, then your views would be a really valuable part of our research. We really want to find out your thoughts on:

    • What might be stopping people in your community from doing bystander CPR
    • Any ideas you might have to improve things.

    What we have done

    The study was designed with public contributors, we have also worked with our PAG (Public Advisory Group) members and of course, we have spoken to people in different communities to try and engage the public in our study.

    What our participants say:

    ‘I actually thought [the workshop] would be boring, but it has been really good.’

    ‘The discussion is really good. Thank you.’

    ‘There’s a lot of people that will volunteer to help and support, you know, whatever, how you are going to action whatever you are going to do [as a result of the study]. You will find, and not just here, wherever you go, you will have people that will want to change and they will support you.’

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    Lauren Betteley, FACT Study Manager

    Warwick Clinical Trials Unit

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