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METRO is a multicentre prospective cohort study exploring the outcomes of patients under the age of 55 with a meniscal tear

The aims of this study are to document the symptoms, imaging findings (MRI) and current NHS treatment of people who present with a meniscal tear under the age of 55, and to determine whether symptoms or MRI findings relate to the outcome of treatment.

Inclusion criteria:

  • Presence of a MRI confirmed meniscal tear
  • Age between 18-55

Exclusion criteria:

  • ACL or other major knee ligament injury. This does not include previous unrelated healed MCL tear or a meniscal root tear (which is considered a type of meniscal tear in this study)
  • Associated intra-articular fracture of the tibial plateau or femur. Previous fractures not thought to be related to the tear are not an exclusion criteria for the study.
  • Previous knee surgery
  • Previous entry into the present study (i.e the other knee)
  • Unable to undertake study procedures

Data collection and Outcomes:

  • Baseline data: mechanism of injury, symptoms, MRI findings and PROMs
  • Primary outcome: Western Ontario Meniscal Evaluation Tool (WOMET) at 12 months
  • Secondary outcomes: KOOS4, EQ5D and Patient global impression of change score at 3,6 and 12 months.











Imran Ahmed