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School FAQs

Is there a limit to how many families can participate from each school?

We are looking to recruit approximately 433 families in total to the trial but there is no limit to how many families from your school can take part.

What will we have to do?

You will be working together with the PIPA trial team to promote the trial within your school and engage with parents/carers. We will be guided by you as to the best way to engage with your parents/carers. This could be via email, text, school website or attendance at school events.

What are the benefits for our school?

Help enhance your relationship with parents/carers while enabling them to improve their child’s mental and emotional wellbeing. Help to develop better resources for young people at risk of developing mental health difficulties and provide schools and parents/carers with the skills to assist them. This is an opportunity for your school to be an important part of evidence-based research to improve youth mental health and wellbeing.

Who is classed as a parent/carer for the trial?

This includes parents, non-biological parents, carers, grandparents and legal guardians.

How do parents/carers register for the trial?

The trial team will provide schools with an invitation letter to send to parents/carers. The letter will contain a registration link and a unique code that parents/carers will have to use in order to register for the trial.