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Associate Principle Investigator (PI) Scheme

The RACER Knee study is now a part of the Associate PI Scheme.

What is the Associate PI Scheme?

The scheme provides the opportunity for any junior doctor, nurse or an allied health professional willing to make a significant contribution to a the conduct and delivery of a trial over a period of at least 6 months.

Once completed, applicants will receive:

-A certificate confirming their PI status

- Acknowledgement in the primary publication generated from the study

- Enhanced skills & understanding around the delivery of NIHR Portfolio research

How to Register?

To apply to become an Associate PI, approval must be obtained from the local PI and the Clinical Trials Unit coordinating the trial.

You will require the following details to apply:

  • Trial Manager - Elke Gemperle-Mannion
  • Email:

Please apply via 

Once you have applied, you will receive a welcome email with a link to the Associate PI Checklist. This will need to be completed over the period of 6 months you are involved in the study.

Contact us:

Trial Manager:
Jeskaran Rai