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Patient and Public Involvement

Patients and the public are central to the delivery of this research.

The ReSPECT Patient Advisory Panel consisting of nine patient and public representatives meet every six months at Warwick Clinical Trials Unit (WCTU) to advise the researchers on different aspects of the study, including the design and interpretation of the findings. The panel includes patients and carers who have experience of emergency care and end of life decisions, long term conditions and experience of living with a disability. Frequent communication is maintained between the panel and the research team based at WCTU. The panel will be consulted and involved in all stages of the study including overall interpretation of the study findings to ensure patient needs are placed at the forefront of the study.

There is a patient representative who is a member of the research team. There are 2 more patient representatives who are members of the study’s independent oversight committee.

Patients’ and their families’ views are crucial to this evaluation as is the impact of ReSPECT on the care and treatment they receive. WP1, 2 and 3 will collect different sorts of information from patients and family members and from their medical records. For more information please click here:



For general enquiries, please contact Claire Jacques (Trial Manager)