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Do you have pain condition that has stopped you from working?

We can help you.

We know that working is generally good for us, and that the right job can actually help with painful conditions.

RISE (Return to work with Individualised Supported Employment) is a research study that is trying out a new individualised way of supporting people with chronic pain to overcome obstacles they might have to working.

We are seeking adults who have a painful condition that has stopped them working for more than 3 months. You will get a job placement tailored just for you. We just ask that you:

Complete a number of questionnaires about your pain and your quality of life Attend a short training course followed by a six week part-time supported employment placement (up to 16 hours a week)

Some people will also be invited to:

Take part in a focus group or interview looking at your experience of living with chronic pain, how we might refine our supported employment programme, and what outcomes are important to people living with chronic pain.