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Training Resources

Welcome to the SOS training resource page.

If you have not received full protocol training (i.e. attended an SIV or reduced SIV session), please click here to view the SOS Training and Delegation Log Sign off Requirements table, which provides an overview of what training materials you need to cover for your role.

The SOS site initiation (SIV) training PowerPoint slides can be downloaded from the right hand panel.

Training must be completed before you perform any tasks for the SOS trial. Once you have completed the relevant training for your role, please remember to sign your site's training log and provide a copy to the trial team at sostrial at warwick dot ac dot uk

Training for Participant Recruitment and Prescribing:

If you have not completed full protocol training, but will be involved in confirming eligibility, randomising or prescribing trial interventions, then you must read this training document:

SOS Targeted Training - Patient Recruitment and Trial InterventionsLink opens in a new window

There is no requirement for you to sign the delegation log for confirming eligibility, randomising or prescribing. However, once you have completed the training, you must either sign your site's training log or complete the online confirmation of training form at the bottom of this page.

GCP Training

If you have not completed full GCP training, you can complete some proportionate GCP training relevant to your trial role. Please click hereLink opens in a new window to view the GCP training requirements, which provides an overview of what training materials you need to cover for your role.

Targeted GCP training materials are available to download from the right hand panel on this page.

Confirmation of training completion

I confirm that I have read and understood the minimum training required (Patient recruitment and trial interventions) to enrol a patient into the SOS trial (required)
I confirm that I intend to use the below method/s to randomise eligible patients into the study (required)
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Privacy notice

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