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JRCALC Clinical Practice Guidelines

The JRCALC Clinical Practice Guidelines

The Joint Royal Colleges Ambulance Liaison Committee Guideline Development Group (JRCALC-GDG), chaired by Dr Simon Brown, develops and reviews national clinical practice guidelines for NHS paramedics although the principles are applicable to all prehospital clinicians.
The guidelines have evolved from locally-derived guidance (mainly developed using non-systematic approaches) to systematically-developed national clinical practice guidelines developed to universally agreed standards based on current best evidence. They are an important part of clinical risk management and ensure uniformity in the delivery of high quality patient care. As such they form the basis for UK paramedic training and education and are internationally renowned. The guidelines are reviewed on a five year cycle and are developed or updated, based on systematic reviews of the evidence and consensus agreement.
The GDG comprise over 100 members and represent all ambulance services in the UK; members also include representatives from the Royal Colleges, speciality experts, and stakeholders.
Access to the JRCALC clinical practice guidelines and other useful guideline related information is available from this website. This website site is designed as a link between stakeholders and the Guideline Development Group. If you have any views, comments, or suggestions that you would like the committee to consider please let us know by completing the on-line form. Your comment/s will be considered by the editorial team and we will reply by email.
Guidelines / related information:
(PDF Document) Clinical Practice Guidelines 2006 (Archive)
(PDF Document) Clinical practice guideline updates since publication (Archive)
(PDF Document) Clinical Practice Guidelines - previous editions (Archive)


Project Team

Simon BrownMatthew CookeJoanne FisherStephen HinesMike Smyth

L-R: Dr Simon Brown, Chairman; Professor Matthew Cooke, Project Director; Dr Joanne Fisher, Senior Research Fellow; Mr Stephen Hines, Paramedic Project Advisor; Mr Mike Smyth, Paramedic Project Advisor