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About Me

I am very sociable and love spending time with my family and friends. In fact, I enjoy company so much so, that I tend to move my work to where ever I can find people, rather than enjoying the soothing silence of working in isolation.

I have a great appreciation for food and enjoy expanding my senses with new cuisines. I love to bake – cakes, biscuits, macaroons, crumbles - anything.

What else?

I am a sports enthusiast!

I think this may stem from my very active parents and a desire to experience and live each day to its full. Badminton is my main sport; I play for Warwickshire county as well as a number of local clubs. Whilst time consuming, it provides a good way of relaxing from my academic work.

However, I thoroughly enjoy participating in a multitude sports and am usually happy to try my hand at anything. I am based at The Clinical Trials Unit in the University of Warwick; who are a great, active group of colleagues and regularly play netball, tennis and rounders. In July, many of us competed in the UK Corporate games 2013, representing the University of Warwick.

Skiing is one of my favourite pastimes! I'm yet to master the 360 degree turns, but I can ski most reds comfortably.


When in a more tropical climate, you would most likely find me 18m under water making friends with the marine life. I am a keen scuba diver having recently completed my Advanced PADI diver certification and would recommend anyone to give it go!

My favourite holiday destination, and I think the most beautiful place I have ever seen, is the underwater paradise of Pulau Sipadan, Malaysia…


Baking achievement: my first 'stacked' cake


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Warwickshire Badminton


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Pulau Sipadan


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