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Tommer Spence

I am a second year PhD student in the Division of Health Sciences at Warwick Medical School. My research explores the social impact of STI self-sampling in Birmingham, which sees individuals ordering test kits online, obtaining the samples themselves and then receiving the results by text. Although such testing is becoming more widespread, and there is evidence it results in increased screening for STIs, there is limited qualitative data on the impact of its use. I will be undertaking a mixed methods study including surveys, interviews and focus groups to explore whether remote testing changes individuals' perceptions of risk, stigma and candidacy for healthcare.

My background is primarily in the third sector, with a focus on equalities and health. I previously facilitated a feasibility study into therapeutic gardening within Scotland's largest social care organisation, and undertook service delivery and impact reporting for a leading LGBT charity. Alongside my PhD, I currently serve as a trustee for a national helpline network.


Professor Frances Griffiths (Warwick Medical School)

Professor Jonathan Ross (University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust)

Research interests

My research interests include sexual health, digital healthcare, health sociology and the impact of healthcare reform.


My research is jointly funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and Universities Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust.

Tommer Spence

Tommer Spence

T dot Spence at warwick dot ac dot uk

Division of Health Sciences
Warwick Medical School
University of Warwick

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