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Publications and Presentations

Journal Publications


Dee R, Smith M, Rajendran K, Perkins GD, Smith CM, on behalf of ILCOR. The effect of alternative methods of cardiopulmonary resuscitation - cough CPR, percussion pacing or precordial thump - on outcomes following cardiac arrest. A systematic review. Resuscitation 2021; online ahead of print


(Full-text link until April 14th 2021 here)

(Full-text Accepted Manuscript version here )


**OPEN ACCESS** Theresa M. Olasveengen TM, Mancini ME......Smith CM et al. Adult Basic Life Support. International Consensus on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care Science With Treatment Recommendations. Resuscitation 2020;156:A35-A79



Yeung J, Smith C. Chest compression components - what do we really know? Resuscitation 2020;146:253-4


Smith CM. Lay first-responders alerted to out-of-hospital cardiac arrest by smartphone app - Not so novel any longer, and it's time to do more. Resuscitation 2019;141:202-3


(Full-text Accepted Manuscript version here )


Smith CM, Yeung J. Airway management in cardiac arrest – not a question of choice but of quality? Resuscitation 2018;133:A5-A6


Smith CM, Perkins GD. Improving bystander defibrillation for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: capability, opportunity and motivation. Resuscitation 2018;124:A15-A16


(Full-text Accepted Manuscript version here )


Smith CM, Wilson MH, Ghorbangholi A, Hartley-Sharpe C, Gwinnutt C, Dicker B, Perkins GD. The Use of Trained Volunteers in the Response to Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest – The GoodSAM Experience. Resuscitation 2017;121:123-126


(Full-text Accepted Manuscript version available here )


[See also: Smith CM, Wilson MH, Perkins GD. Reply to: Letter by Derkenne et al. regarding the article, 'The use of trained volunteers in the response to out-of-hospital cardiac arrest - The GoodSAM experience.' Resuscitation 2018;125:e4] Full-text


**OPEN ACCESS** Smith CM, Lim Choi Keung SN, Khan MO, Arvanitis TN, Fothergill R, Hartley-Sharpe C, Wilson MH, Perkins GD. Barriers and Facilitators to Public Access Defibrillation in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest – a Systematic Review. Eur Heart J Qual Care Clin Outcomes 2017;3:264-73


Smith CM, Colquhoun MC, Samuels M, Hodson M, Mitchell S, O'Sullivan J. New signs to encourage the use of Automated External Defibrillators by the lay public. Resuscitation 2017;114:100-105


(Full-text Accepted Manuscript version available here )


Smith CM. In-hospital cardiac arrest. Are we resuscitating for long enough? Resuscitation 2017;113:A2-A3


Smith CM. Improving dispatcher-assisted public access defibrillation use. Resuscitation 2016;107:A1-2


**OPEN ACCESS** Marincowitz C, Smith CM, Townend W. The risk of intra-cranial haemorrhage in those presenting late to the ED following a head injury: a systematic review. A systematic review. Syst Rev 2015;4:165


Smith CM, Colquhoun MC. Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in schools – a systematic review. Resuscitation 2015;96:296-302


(Full-text Accepted Manuscript version available here  )


Smith CM. Surviving out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in South Korea. Resuscitation 2013;84:531-2


Smith CM, Mason S. The Use of Whole Body Computed Tomography for Trauma Patients: Survey of UK Emergency Departments. Emerg Med J 2012;29:630-4


Hunt PAF, Smith CM, Oliver A. Early CT scanning in multisystem trauma: the evidence. Trauma 2012;14:287-300


Smith CM, Woolrich-Burt L, Wellings R, Costa ML. Major trauma CT scanning: the experience of a regional trauma centre in the UK. Emerg Med J 2011;28:378-82


Smith CM, Cooper L, Dutton T, Costa ML. An academic foundation programme in trauma and orthopaedic surgery. Ann R Coll Surg Engl (Suppl) 2009;91:92-4


Griffin XL, Smith CM, Costa ML. The clinical use of platelet-rich plasma in the promotion of bone healing: a systematic review. Injury 2009;40:158-62


Smith CM, Perkins GD, Bullock I, Bion JF. Undergraduate training in the care of the acutely ill patient: a literature review. Intensive Care Med 2007;33:901-7


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Perkins GD, Barrett H, Bullock I, Gabbott DA, Nolan JP, Mitchell S, Short A, Smith CM et al. The Acute Care Undergraduate TEaching (ACUTE) Initiative: consensus development of core competencies in acute care for undergraduates in the United Kingdom. Intensive Care Med 2005;31:1627-33


Perkins GD, Stephenson B, Smith C, Gao F. Over-the-head CPR. Resuscitation 2004;62:315.


Perkins GD, Stephenson BT, Smith CM, Gao F. A comparison between over-the-head and standard cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Resuscitation 2004;61:155-61


Journal Publications (abstract):


Smith CM, Lall R, Fothergill RT, Spaight R, Perkins GD. An evaluation of the GoodSAM volunteer first-responder app for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in two UK ambulance services. Resuscitation 2020;155 suppl 1:S2-3


Smith CM, Lall R, Fothergill RT, Spaight R, Perkins GD. The potential for bystander defibrillation for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in two regions of the UK. Resuscitation 2020;155 suppl1:S14


Smith CM, Lall R, Hartley-Sharpe C, Perkins GD. The potential for bystander automated external defibrillator deployment in London, UK. Resuscitation 2018;130:e43


Smith CM, Griffiths F, Hartley-Sharpe C, Fothergill R, Wilson MH, Perkins GD. Barriers to Automated External Defibrillation in a volunteer first-responder system. Resuscitation 2018;130:e137


Lim Choi Keung SN, Murphy P, Khan MO, Perkins GD, Smith C, Arvanitis TN. Perspectives of UK community first responders on a national public access defibrillator database. Eur J Epidemiol 2016;31(Suppl 1):S117.


Smith CM, Mitchell S, Colquhoun M. A new information sign to improve awareness and use of publicly available AEDs. Resuscitation 2015;96 Suppl 1:19


Smith CM, Colquhoun M. Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in schools. A systematic review. Resuscitation 2015;96 Suppl 1:26


Smith CM, Smith S, Spooner B, Kocierz L, Fallaha J, Perkins GD. An evaluation of objective feedback in basic life support (BLS) training. Resuscitation 2006;69:55


Smith C, Stephenson B, Gao F, Perkins G. Using a backboard during CPR does not improve CPR performance. Resuscitation 2004;62:337


Smith CM, Christensen C, Stephenson BTF, Hulme J, Perkins GD. A systematic analysis of common errors in basic life support. Resuscitation 2004;62:338


Stephenson B, Smith C, Hulme J, Gao F, Perkins G. A comparison between standard and over-the-head CPR. Resuscitation 2004;62:360-1


Stephenson B, Smith C, Perkins G, Gao F. A comparison between standard and over-the-head cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Anaesthesia 2004;59:932


Smith C, Stephenson B, Perkins G, Gao F. The effect of a backboard and body position on cardiopulmonary resuscitation in a bed. Anaesthesia 2004;59:932-3


Other Publications / Reports:


Warwick Medical School, Warwick Institute for Digital Healthcare (January 2016). National Public Access Defibrillator Database Feasibility Study. A report to the British Heart Foundation – I was part of the project team in the role of Clinical Research Analyst

Perkins GD, Colquhoun M, Deakin CD, Handley AJ, Smith CM, Smith MA. Resuscitation Council (UK) Guidelines 2015. Adult basic life support and automated external defibrillation.



Resuscitation Council UK. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Automated External Defibrillation. Training Manual. 2nd ed. London: RCUK; 2011 - I was part of the Editorial Team and produced the first draft of this training manual

Book chapters:


Lim Choi Keung SN, Niukyun S, Khan MO, Smith C, Perkins GD, Murphy P, Arvanitis TN. (2016) Life saving apps: linking cardiac arrest victims to emergency services and volunteer responders. In: Unifying the Applications and Foundations of Biomedical and Health Informatics. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, 226. IOS Press, pp. 59-62.


Smith CM. Shoulder Examination. In: Morris F, Wardrope J, Ramlakhan S, editors. Minor Injury and Minor Illness at a Glance. Oxford: Wiley Blackwell; 2014


Smith CM. Shoulder Injuries. In: Morris F, Wardrope J, Ramlakhan S, editors. Minor Injury and Minor Illness at a Glance. Oxford: Wiley Blackwell; 2014


I have presented at the following conferences:


European Resuscitation Council Congress, Manchester (virtual), October 2020

European Resuscitation Council Congress, Bologna, Italy, September 2018

999 EMS Research Forum, Bristol, March 2017

Resuscitation Council (UK) Scientific Meeting, Birmingham, November 2015

European Resuscitation Council Congress, Prague, Czech Republic, October 2015

Royal College of Emergency Medicine Annual Scientific Conference, Manchester, September 2015

Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber Clinical Skills and Simulation Conference, Leeds, July 2015

College of Emergency Medicine Annual Scientific Conference, Birmingham, September 2011

British Trauma Society Annual Clinical Meeting, Newcastle, May 2009

European Resuscitation Council Congress, Stavanger, Norway, May 2006

European Resuscitation Council Congress, Budapest, Hungary, September 2004

Resuscitation Council (UK) Scientific Meeting, London, November 2003