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Christmas Lectures (December 2013) Demonstration & Talk aimed at researchers of all ages and the general public. The talk was entitled Sounds like A Life Saver and focused on Ultrasonics & Non-Destructive
Testing It was a one hour long evening event attended by 200 people.

Faculty of Science Open Day - 10th December 2013 Theme Science & Survival – From Rails to Reactors: Ultrasound testing to prevent disasters. Two groups of 20 year 10/11 pupils spent 1 hour each doing a modified form of the undergraduate ultrasound experiment in which blocks of aluminium with concealed voids are measured to determine the location and rough dimensions of the void. They learned about NDT and how to use an oscilloscope as well as how ultrasound can be used to look for cracks and other flaws in pipework (e.g. reactor cooling systems) and other engineering such as rails.

Big Bang Fair 2014. The U of W’s Science Faculty exhibited at the Big Bang Fair 2014 held at the NEC, Birmingham, and 10th-16th March 2014. The Big Bang Fair is one of the UK’s largest celebrations of science, engineering, technology & maths for young people aged 7-19. It receives 75,000 visitors and is interactive. Activities included demonstrations and talks including SACUT concepts.

BTU Demonstrations Day - May 16th 2014 the research group at BTU invited students and parents into the research lab for several acoustic demonstrations, such as parametric arrays, moving objects by acoustic sound pressure, demonstration of objects flying in a vertical pipe flow, demonstration of acoustic radiation pressure, and spraying ink on a sheet of paper with the help of ultrasonic transducers.

School Visits – Participants in the project at Warwick have engaged in visits to local schools to share the project details and progress.

Open Days – at Warwick there have been 4 University Open Days and 12 Departmental Open Days each year so far. Details of the project have been presented on each occasion.

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