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Steerable Air-Coupled Ultrasonics (SACUT)

Steerable Air-Coupled Ultrasonics (SACUT)


Steerable Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Technology for Flow Measurement & NDE Applications

Accurate flow measurement has become increasingly important for many key industrial sectors including oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical process industries, as well as various military and government operations. While ultrasonic flow measurement offer numerous advantages, there remain many challenges that need to be overcome while making ultrasonic flow measurement both accurate & reliable, especially for applications in gas medium. In order to tackle these issues, complex yet cost effective flow measurement instrumentation development is fundamental.

The SACUT project involves design, construction and testing of novel ultrasound measurement system for air-coupled ultrasonics, primarily for flow measurement and also for generic Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) applications to be achieved through effective knowledge transfer and collaboration between the principal industrial and academic partners.