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If you would like to join the network please complete the sign-up form and also join the forum. Non-Warwick members most welcome!

Current research groups participating in the proposed network are those of

Group leader Affiliation Place Research URL
C Blindauer Chemistry Warwick Inorganic and Protein Biochemistry
T Bretschneider Systems Biology Warwick   inactive
SP Brown Physics Warwick Solid-State NMR link
R Cross Medical School Warwick Mechanochemistry of molecular motors CMCB
R Deeth Chemistry Warwick Computer modelling of transition metal systems including metalloproteins ICCG
A Dixon Chemistry Warwick   inactive
R Freedman Life Sciences Warwick Protein folding and cellular catalysis of folding link
M Hassan Chemistry Warwick Solid-state NMR of membrane proteins  
S Hayward Life Sciences University of East Anglia, Norwich Protein domain motions, protein loop motions, biomolecular haptics link
V Fulop Life Sciences Warwick   inactive
J Lewandowski Chemistry Warwick Protein structure and dynamics by solid-state NMR link
D Mitchell Medical School Warwick Genetics of autoimmune disease and the role of innate immune mechanisms in autoimmunity and inflammation CSRI
R Napier Life Sciences Warwick protein-ligand interactions, structure-activity relationships, receptor proteins, biosensors link
R Notman Chemistry Warwick Molecular simulations of biomolecules including transmembrane and intermediate filament proteins link
P O’Connor Chemistry Warwick   link
T Pinheiro Life Sciences Warwick   inactive
C Robinson Life Sciences Warwick   inactive
A Rodger Chemistry, MOAC Warwick   inactive
RA Roemer Physics Warwick Protein rigidity and flexibility DisQS
J Scrivens Life Sciences Warwick   inactive
C Smith Life Sciences Warwick   inactive
M Turner Physics Warwick   inactive
C Varnai Systemsbiology Warwick Protein structure prediction and protein folding using Bayesian techniques
K Wallis Life Sciences Warwick Protein disulphide isomerase (PDI), substrate interactions and dynamics of PDI, biophysical techniques for studying dynamics and protein-protein interactions. inactive
S Wells Life Sciences/Physics Warwick   inactive
D Wild Systemsbiology Warwick   inactive

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