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Innovation and Impact

This project takes a comprehensive approach to investigating the factors that contribute to achieving better life outcomes among preterm born and low birth weight adolescents and adults. The project team consists of the leading European researchers on the development of preterm and low birth weight children in Europe who work in the fields of Psychology, Economics, and Public Health. They will work on the existing data from the specific preterm and low birth weight cohorts and population longitudinal and panel studies from Finland, Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Data from the National Social and Health registers from Finland will also be utilised and linked to the data from the cohort, longitudinal, and panel studies. Besides the scientists and experts, the project will also bring together other stakeholders, including policy decision makers, educators, and non-governmental organisations dedicated to the welfare of preterm born children. The findings from the project will inform the future design of interventions to promote health, prosperity, and well-being among those born preterm at all stages of their lifecycle.

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