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About the Project

COVID-19 has presented varying levels of stress and uncertainty to society worldwide. The economic, social and psychological impact of the social distancing measures have added to the growing challenge of maintaining positive mental health and wellbeing. Previous research on the consequences of SARS epidemic in China has shown a significant and long-lasting psychosocial impact of the crisis (Mak et al., 2009). Within Warwick, discussions with subgroups of students staying on campus amid university closure have revealed a high level of anxiety and unease.

RECOVERS is a university-wide mental health screening and tracking study to try and answer the following questions:

  1. What are students’ main concerns and life learning following 2-3 months of nationwide lockdown and closure of face-to-face learning activities at the university?
  2. What are the prevalence and severity of various mental health symptoms, at the start of the survey (June 2020) and in the year ensuing?
  3. To what extent the severity of these symptoms is predicted by (a) student demographics, (b) study status, (c) pre-existing health status, (d) their exposure to COVID-19, as well as (e) lifestyle changes prompted by the lockdown/closure of face-to-face learning activities.
  4. Whether a guided use of a health app for monitoring mood, with basic tracking information on sleep and physical activity, was a useful first step facilitating students to regulate mood in face of uncertainty as well as to develop a rest/wake routine that works for them?
  5. To what extent mental health symptoms (at the start of the survey) predict subsequent academic achievements?