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  • Moodle Course (only available to students enrolled on this module from two weeks prior to attendance through to completion of studies at WMG)

Welcome to Leadership & Excellence 2018

You are about to start what I hope will be an exciting and rewarding period of study. Leadership is experiential. You cannot learn to become a leader through reading books; you have to experience leadership and leading. This module helps you to do this in a safe learning environment in which mistakes and reflections on how to perform better are an essential part of the module. Unlike in real life, mistakes are not penalised, so I encourage you to take risks and explore. By being actively engaged in the module maximise the amount that you learn about yourself and others.

Because the topic of leadership is experiential, there is little point sitting in lectures reviewing theories or reading some of the 40,000 articles on leadership that have been published in the last 60 years. In this module there will be no lectures. You will learn about leadership by working in teams carrying out mini-projects that I have set. To help you carry out these projects and your post module assignment I have created a website that introduces you to leadership theories and practices. The website contains links to books, articles, podcasts and other pages that hopefully will motivate you to find material and references that help you to contribute to these assignments. The intention is that you learn by doing, learning unconsciously by working with colleagues in teams, learning through reviewing what worked and what did not work so well.

Module structure

This module is structured to guide the student to relevant published material. It is not intended to provide a pre-packaged series of lectures unique to this programme. Rather:

  • it identifies the contextual problems that highlighted concepts, philosophies, methods and techniques aim to solve.
  • it guides the student to pubished material, that describes and discusses the topic in context.
  • asks additional questions that, by team-based discussion, will guide students to deep understanding of the topic.

To foster cooperative learning, wikis have been created for the pre-module mini-projects. Please use these wikis and your blogs to develop your thinking and to share your learning with your colleagues.

The module will take up about 100 hours of your time, the same as any other Warwick module. The difference lies in how you learn. Therefore, I encourage you to take part fully in all aspects of the module. There will be opportunities for you to lead and get feedback from your colleagues on your effectiveness as a leader. You will also experience being a follower, that is, being led by one of your colleagues on the course. This is not a passive role - actively follow and support your leader and provide effective feedback. In providing feedback you will be learning as much as the person receiving feedback from you. Note how your feedback differs from that of your colleagues and reflect.

I hope that you will enjoy the module. Please click here to get started.