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Substitution exercises

This is a quiz which tests your knowledge of substitution of verbs.

Many British graduates are taking jobs overseas and the reason they are ….......... is because graduate unemployment is currently high in the UK.

The prince is then told to kill and bring home a dragon, but in order to …..........., he has to cross the Forbidden Mountain.

Many people have refused to vote in elections for years. They may have …......... because they believe that their vote can change nothing.

Good writers frequently rephrase and summarise the main ideas in their texts. They ….......... in order to remind the reader about what is important.

The company changed their product packaging last year and by …....... they have attracted many new customers.

There has been a lot of speculation about why the team played so badly – the manager claims that they…......... because they were tired.

Western powers are constantly intervening in Middle East politics, but in constantly …........., they risk alienating the Arab world.

During the court case, the accused man was asked why he had stolen the painting , but he only admitted much later that he had …......... because his wife loved it.
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