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The right synonym

Using thesaurus com or a similar tool, choose the best synonym from the three options given for the word IN CAPITAL LETTERS in each of the questions below.

Take this opportunity to look at the different ENTRIES for a vocabulary item in the Thesaurus. Notice how words may be given as synonyms, but are sometimes not appropriate because:

- the meaning is different to the word/phrase you are trying to replace

- the connotation (or feel) is not quite the same

- the grammatical usage of a word/phrase may differ


After doing the quiz below, try an exercise which shows you HOW NOT TO USE A THESAURUS


Most people would agree that traffic problems are MOUNTING in urban and rural areas.

Traffic jams have become so FREQUENT that we now take them for granted and plan our lives around them.

Because of the jams, pollution is now a SERIOUS problem worldwide.

So much fuel is being used that HARMFUL emissions are constantly released into the environment.

Cars, nowadays, have become INTEGRAL to our lives.

Everyone wants a car, and it is hard to CURB such huge demand in modern economies so dependent on road transport.

At this time, governments are responding to complaints about traffic CONGESTION by building more roads.
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