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Education Studies Bookcase

Education Studies Bookcase

Education Studies Virtual Bookcase

Kid Power, Inequalities and Intergenerational Relations

Clara Rübner Jørgensen & Michael Wyness

July 2021

Exploring Diary Methods in Higher Education Research

Xuemeng Cao & Emily Henderson

March 2021

Research Methods: The Key Concepts

Michael Hammond & Jerry Wellington

September 2020

Education Research: The Basics

Michael Hammond & Jerry Wellington

July 2019

The SAGE Handbook of Comparative Studies in Education

Edited by Emma Smith, Larry Suter & Brian Denman

June 2019

Childhood and Society

Michael Wyness

February 2019

Starting with Gender in International Higher Education Research

Edited by Emily Henderson & Z Nicolazzo

December 2018

The BERA/SAGE Handbook of Educational Research

Edited by Emma Smith, Dominic Wyse, Neil Selwyn & Larry Suter

July 2017