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Jane Margetson


CEDAR (Centre for Educational Development Appraisal and Research)
University of Warwick
Westwood Campus

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Supervisors: - Professor Richard Hastings and Dr Vaso Totsika

Part-time. Cerebra funded

The focus of my PhD is to further understand the risk and protective factors for behavioural and emotional problems in children with developmental disabilities across a wide age range (between 4 and 11 years) in a large sample study (1000 families).

This research will explore these relationships over time using two year follow-up data from the ‘Cerebra 1000 Families Study’, utilising internet/postal and telephone surveys to collect key measures of parental well-being and child behaviour as well as family deprivation.

I am also interested in contributing to the literature to evaluate the efficacy of a parent training intervention that aims to improve emotional and behavioural problems in children with developmental disabilities.

Jane Margetson