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Current Projects


Researcher: Sheila Galloway in collaboration with Robert Lindley, Michael Orton, Institute for Employment Research and Noel Whiteside, Department of Sociology.


Sponsor: European Commission Framework 5 Programme. October 2003 - February 2006

EUROCAP was a European Commission Framework 5 project which was concerned with the capacity of regions and localities to develop social and economic strategies suitable to sectoral needs. CEDAR collaborated with staff in IER and elsewhere. This study was co-ordinated by Robert Salais in Cachan and involved research teams from several European member states together with Switzerland.

A central element of the project was to explore regional and local developments in two sectors. Those chosen by the Warwick team were the automotive sector and its supply chain which was led by IER and the cultural sector, led by CEDAR. The aim was to explore the ways in which regional and local policy and practitioner communities can collaborate in improving the professional working lives of artists and other groups in the cultural sector. A key component of the research concerned professional development. Sheila Galloway was responsible for the CEDAR work including the cultural sector study.

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