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Recent members publications

Selected publications from 2023:

  • Laxton, S., Moriarty, C., Sapiets, S., Hastings, R. P., & Totsika, V. (In Press). Neighbourhood deprivation and access to early intervention and support for families of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities.
  • May, R., Salman, H., O'Neill, S., Denne, L., Grindle, C., Cross, R., Tyler-Roberts, E., Meek, I., & Games, C. (In Press). Exploring the use of the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) in Special Education Settings.
  • Pan, S.-C., Wang, H.-T., Chan, M.-C., Wang, T.-Y., & Grindle, C. F (In Press). Effects of TEN-DD adaptation and implementation on young children with autism learning one-to-one counting in Taiwan. Bulletin of Special Education
  • Denne, L. D., Grindle, C. F., Sapiets, S. J., Blandford-Elliott, M., Hastings, R. P. Hoerger, M., Lambert-Lee, K., Paris, A., Nicholls, G., & Hughes, J. C. (2023). Creating effective teaching and learning environments: Building a positive behavioural support (PBS) model for UK special schools. Support for Learning, 38(4), 183-193.
  • Nicholls, G., Bailey, T., Grindle, C. F., & Hastings, R. P (2023). Challenging behaviour and its risk factors in children and young people in a special school setting: A four wave longitudinal study. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 36(2), 366-373.
  • Sapiets, S. J., Hastings, R. P., & Totsika, V. (2023). Predictors of access to early support for families of children with suspected or diagnosed developmental disabilities in the United Kingdom. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. Advance online publication.
  • Thomas, S., Grindle. C. F., & Totsika, V. (2023). Teaching early reading skills to non-vocal children with severe learning disabilities using Headsprout Early Reading¬©. British Journal of Special Education, 50(1), 150-171.