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Magda Apanasionok

Job Title
Research Fellow
Centre for Educational Development, Appraisal and Research
Research Interests

Autism, intellectual (learning) and developmental disabilities, co-production, social and emotional wellbeing, applied research methods, mental health, educational attainment and participatory research


Dr Magda Apanasionok (she/her) is a Research Fellow based in Centre for Research in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (CIDD), University of Warwick. Magda completed her PhD in CIDD in 2021 focused on teaching numeracy and science to autistic students with learning disabilities. She has been working with neurodivergent people for over 10 years in a variety of settings. Magda's interests include education and mental health of neurodivergent people and their families. She is passionate about co-production and including lived experiences of neurodivergent people in research. Selected publications: - Apanasionok, M. M., Hastings, R. P., Grindle, C. F., Watkins, R. C., & Paris, A. (2019). Teaching science skills and knowledge to students with developmental disabilities: A systematic review. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 56(7), 847-880. - Apanasionok, M. M., Neil, J., Watkins, R. C., Grindle, C. F., & Hastings, R. P. (2020). Teaching Science to Students with Developmental Disabilities Using the Early Science Curriculum. Support for Learning, 35(4), 493-505. - Apanasionok, M. M., Alallawi, B., Grindle, C, F., Hastings, R. P., Watkins, R. C., Nicholls, G., Maguire, L., & Staunton, D. (2021). Teaching Early Numeracy to Students with Autism Using a Teacher Delivery Model. British Journal of Special Education. - Watkins, R. M., Apanasionok, M. M., & Neil, J. (2020). Teaching science to pupils with SEND: using an evidence-based approach. Primary Science, 165. - Online resources (teaching plans) for Grindle, C. F., Hastings, R. P., & Wright, R. (2020). Teaching Early Numeracy to Children with Developmental Disabilities. London, England: SAGE Publications Ltd. - Alallawi, B., Denne, L., Apanasionok, M. M., Grindle, C. F., & Hastings, R. P., (2021). Special Educators' Experiences of a Numeracy Intervention for Autistic Students. European Journal of Special Needs Education. - Gore, N. J., Sapiets, S. J., Denne, L. D., Hastings, R. P., Toogood, S., McDonald, A., Baker, P., David, A., Apanasionok, M. M., Austin, D., Bowring, D. L., Bradshaw, J., Corbett, A., Cooper, V., Deveau, R., Hughes C., Jones, E., Lynch, M., McGill, P., Mullhall, M., Mirphy, M., Noone, S., Shankar, R., & Williams, D. (2022). Positive Behavioural Support in the UK: A State of the Nation Report. International Journal of Positive Behavioural Support, 12(1), 4-39. - Paris, A., May, R., Grindle, C. F., Apanasionok, M., & Hastings, R. P. (in press). Facilitators and barriers to implementation of the picture exchange communication system: A systematic review. - Langdon, P. E., Apanasionok, M. M., Scripps, E., Bunning, K., Filipczuk, M., Gillespie, D., Hastings, R. P., Jahoda, A., McNamara, R., Rai, D., & Gray, K. M. (2023). Behavioural Interventions to Treat Anxiety in Autistic Adults with Moderate to Severe Intellectual Disabilities (BEAMS-ID). Study report - Gray, K. M., Apanasionok, M. M., Scripps, E., Bunning, K., Burke, C., Filipczuk, M., Hastings, R. P., Liew, A., McNamara, R., Playle, R., Williams, T., & Langdon, P. E. (2023). Specific phobias in children with learning disabilities (SPIRIT): An adaptation and feasibility study. Study report - Reardon, D., Apanasionok, M. M., & Grindle, C. F. (under review). A train-the-trainer approach for teaching early numeracy skills to students with developmental disabilities: A pilot evaluation.