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The Charlesworth Group Award

JILT wins the inaugural Charlesworth Award for Electronic Journals

Charlesworth Group Logo

The technical and production staff of JILT are very pleased to announce that the Journal has won the inaugural Charlesworth Group Award for Electronic Journals. The Awards is aimed to recognise excellent overall design and innovation in online and parallel online journals. The Charlesworth Group have for a number of years run the prestigious Awards for Typographical Excellence in Journal and Serial Publishing.

The judges report includes:

"The judges were unanimous in their decision and were impressed with the open design which used Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and the intelligent and useful hyperlinks. This journal also offered downloadable demonstrations of programs that accompany articles. In particular, the judges were impressed with the articles which used frames. The site was also very fast due to the design of the journal, but had the disadvantage when printing-out of chunking instead of full text printing. The judges found some of the navigation features slightly confusing at first and would like to have seen a search facility. Overall though, an exciting and successful winner."

JILT also congratulates Measurement Science and Technology which was Highly Commended and The Journal of Interactive Media in Education which received a Special Mention.

Last updated: 14 October, 1997