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LGD - Copyright Statement

Except as otherwise noted, copyright in all contributions remains with the authors. Law, Social Justice and Global Development (LGD) holds exclusive rights in respect of electronic publication and dissemination. The Journal may not be posted or in any way mirrored on the world-wide web or any other part of the internet except at the official publication site at the University of Warwick.

Subject to this, permission is granted to download articles for off-line reading subject to the following conditions:

  • If printed and passed on, no charge is made for the copy.
  • The authors' names, place of publication, and any copyright notice remain attached to any copies.

Permission to download articles for educational purposes is granted subject to the following condition:

Downloaded articles may be stored electronically on disk as long as no charge is made for access, access is limited to a known group of users within the educational establishment and the journal is notified of any such use.

Copyright of comments posted to the LGD discussion forum remains with the authors of the comments. LGD assumes no responsibility for the content of comments posted by users to the discussion forum.

Please contact the journal if you are in any doubt as to what this statement of use covers.