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Working Papers

    • GARNET Working Paper No. 81/10
      'Immigration and trade networks: the importance of informational barriers in the Italian case', Giuseppe De Arcangelis and Lelio Iapadre
    • GARNET Working Paper No. 79/10 
      'Trade Integration in Asia: Is the Region Pursuing a Convincing Strategy for the 21st Century?, Nina Arbabzadeh and Heribert Dieter
    • GARNET Working Paper No. 77/10 
      'Performing the Sub-prime Crisis: Trauma, Fear, and Shame as Governmentalities of the Financial Subject', James Brassett and Chris Clarke

    • GARNET Working Paper No. 76/10
      ‘Multi-Polarity and Trans-Atlantic Relations: Normative Aspirations and Practical Limits of EU Foreign Policy’, Richard Higgott