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Tom is interviewed for the War of Ideas podcast on Hobbes political philosophy and on his own views about scientism.

Tom is interviewed about his research with psychologist Monica Whitty on the logic of romance scam victimhood.

History of Philosophy and Normative Philosophy

Tom Sorell interviewed in Paris about his approach to history of philosophy and normative philosophyLink opens in a new window

Digital Ethics in Technology and Society

Tom Sorell joins a panel to discuss digital ethicsLink opens in a new window

New ideas are growing in academia and industry to meet these problems head on. Whereas once we listed ethical principles for artificial intelligence (AI), now we look to how best to operationalise those same principles. What does it mean to have unbiased technology, and is this even a possibility? Can technology be ethical "by design"?

Ethics and Social Media: Digilantism

Tom Sorell presents 'Ethics and Social Media: Digilantism' at Social Listening in the past, present, and future (22nd November 2017).

China Britain AI

Tom Sorell speaking to the China Britain AILink opens in a new window forum on Care Robotics, (September 2017)


Tom Sorell talks to ARTELink opens in a new window about policing paedophiles in the UK (video in French) (May 2017)

Citizens Online

Videos from our event on 17th February 2016

Introduction by Tom Sorell, followed by Arne Hintz and Ian Brown on 'Challenges to Digital Citizenship in the Age of Mass Surveillance'

Adam Edwards on 'Social Media and Civil Society: Participation, Regulation and Governance'

James Connelly on 'Chasing the Common Good in the Cyber World'

Assistive technology

rbr.pngSix Values Re-writing Laws of Healthcare Robotics

Professor Tom Sorell spoke with Robotics Business Review about these six values and how roboticists can incorporate them into their designs. To listen to the interview.

Security ethics

The ethics of mass surveillance and bulk collection

Tom Sorell, University of Warwick Advancing Societal Resilience Conference, Loughborough University, 26th February 2015.

The 5th State of the Union (Florence 6-9th May)

Professor Tom Sorell is interviewed at the 5th State of the Union conference which was held in Florence by the European University Institute.

BBC Coventry and Warwickshire radio interview


Listen to Dr Katerina Hadjimatheou discussing views on a new initiative being launched by Warwickshire and West Mercia Police '101 Live Chat', where they encourage local people to log on and use new websites.

For more information about 101 Live Chat.



Professor Tom Sorell, Dr John Guelke and Dr Katerina Hadjimatheou visited Reddit and discussed "Ethics, Privacy and Anonymity"


Professor Tom Sorell and Dr John Guelke visited Mozilla and discussed "Ethics, Privacy and Anonymity".


Click on picture to view discussion.

BBC Radio 4 'Law in Action'

Katerina Hadjimatheou discusses 'do the police now need a code of conduct on ethics and social media?' on Radio 4 'Law in Action' (24.02.15)

Philosophy bites

Tom Sorell discusses Surveillance in this Philosophy Bites podcast.