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Life Futures

How has Covid-19 transformed our understanding of life and sociability? This project explores creative and philosophical responses to the pandemic.

Together with local artists and cultural stakeholders, the Life Futures project will promote a debate on the conditions of life and creation during the pandemic, and a collective exercise of imagining new possibilities for a post-Covid future.

The Life Futures project will involve roundtable, a workshop and a creative commission in collaboration with local and international artists and critical thinkers.

The project is designed for Coventry-based artists and creatives who engage with the lockdown and the pandemic by using artistic language.

The programme consists of four components: a roundtable with artists, philosophers and critical thinkers; a workshop led by an international artist to engage Coventry-based artists; a new creative commission about future forms of life after the pandemic; and online content to promote knowledge exchange with a broader public audience.

The beneficiaries of the project include local and national artists, cultural practitioners and critical thinkers whose work focuses on sustainability, equity and life forms in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. With the support of local partners, the activities will be open to the general public in order to reach non-academic audiences.



For the new commissions, Life Futures is working with Patricia Domínguez, Hannah Honeywill, post-coronialism group and melissandre varin.



Talk with Artists Hannah Honeywill, melissandre varin, Patricia Domínguez and Antonia Taulis, and postcoronialism

On 3 November 2021, Life Futures hosted the final talk with commissioned artists Hannah Honeywill, melissandre varin, Patricia Domínguez and Antonia Taulis, and postcoronialism (Abhijan Toto and Jessika Khazrik), moderated by Daniele Lorenzini, Carolina Rito and Federico Testa. This event was an opportunity to hear from the participating artists about their new works exploring the conditions of life during the pandemic, and imagining new possibilities for a post-Covid future. Click here to watch.


LifeFutures Roundtable

Click here to watch the Life Futures Roundtable on forms of life and sociability during and after the pademic, with guests Miguel de Beistegui (Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona), Chiara Bottici (New School, New York), Maurice Stierl (Warwick) and Martina Tazzioli (Goldsmiths), chaired by the Life Futures project members.


Coventry Cultural Policy & Evaluation Summit

Click here to watch Life Future's intervention at the AHRC Cities of Culture Network: The Coventry Cultural Policy & Evaluation Summit (24/06/2021).


  • The project is led by Dr Daniele Lorenzini (Department of Philosophy, University of Warwick), Dr Federico Testa (Institute of Advanced Studies and Department of Philosophy, University of Warwick) and Professor Carolina Rito (Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities, Coventry University).
  • Life Futures is funded by a Recovery and Transformation: Coventry City of Culture 2021 grant.