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Course Overview

The below course structure is indicative. Modules on offer change year on year, dependent on staff research interests and availability.

Full lists of modules available in the individual departments in 2016/17 are available on their webpages for Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

Your first year comprises foundation modules:

Optional Modules

You then choose from a wide range of optional modules from one of the three departments or beyond. For example, some of the most popular modules in 2016/17 have included World Politics (PO131), Introduction to Ancient Philosophy (PH140), Ideas of Freedom (PH132) or the World Economy (EC104):

Your second year comprises foundation modules:

In your second year, you select your pathway, depending on whether you wish to specialise in two subjects or continue to study all three. Depending on your pathway, you will take a combination of core modules from the following list:

Optional Modules

You will also be able to choose from a wide range of options. Popular options in 2016-17 have included:

Your third year comprises foundation modules:

In your third year, you will again take a combination of core and optional modules. All PPE students will choose two from a list of three interdisciplinary modules. These modules focus on important topics at the intersection of philosophy, politics, and economics, such as distributive justice, global governance, or climate change policies.

Optional Modules

Popular options in 2016-17 include: