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What is PPE?

Our lives are profoundly affected by politics. But how and why are policy decisions made? How do economic considerations impact on these decisions? What are the ethical implications of the decisions politicans make, and which decisions should they make? Studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) enables you to develop your own answers to these questions and to consider the world from the viewpoint of philosophers, economists and political scientists.

PHILOSOPHY questions the underlying values to any economic and political considerations: What is the purpose of the state? Should the state provide only physical security and the rule of law, or should it also safeguard citizens’ welfare and promote equality? In philosophy, you will learn about different approaches to these fundamental questions, and acquire the critical thinking skills that enable you to form your own position and debate it with others.

POLITICS shapes decisions on whether we live in a time of war or peace, where we can live and work, whom we can marry, what quality of healthcare we can access at what cost, how fast we may drive, and whether and how much we have to pay for school and university. In politics, you will learn to analyse and assess the complex political debates, ideologies and institutions which shape these decisions.

ECONOMICS impacts key considerations in many political decisions: Will higher taxes for the rich really leave us worse off? Are privatised public utilities likely to be more or less efficient than state-run utilities? In economics, you will develop your understanding of economic models to explain and predict economic behaviour and impact, and acquire data analysis skills to measure economic activity.

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics may be studied separately but, when you study PPE at Warwick, you do not study them independently. All students have formal and informal opportunities to combine insights from the different disciplines. In contrast to the traditional study of PPE, based on a "pillar" model with three independent elements, Warwick follows a "bridge" model that seeks to cross the gaps between them. PPE scholars are encouraged to look at current key issues from each of these disciplines, but also to understand how they all interact.

PPE is an ideal choice if you’re fascinated by current affairs and want to gain a broad and rounded understanding of the world around you. Deepen your understanding of why and how governing institutions and big businesses make decisions, how the consequences of these actions influence our world and impact on our futures, and what would make for a better and more just society.

Why Study PPE at Warwick?

Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Warwick is a very successful and well-established degree programme. Find out more about our top nine reasons why PPE at Warwick is right for you.


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