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PPE Resources

Student Life

PPE students continue to lead and engage in extra-curricular activities, exploring how the disciplines interlink and apply to current issues.

Recommended Readings

Students are not expected to have studied any of the three disciplines before coming to Warwick. If you are particularly enthusiastic and feel like getting started, however, the below are the recommended general readings for our first year modules. Remember of course that PPE is a very wide and diverse degree, so we can only hope to give you a small sample of material – there’s much more to it as you will see when you being studying with us in the Autumn.

  • Ancient Philosophy: a very short introduction - Julia Annas (2003)
  • Gorgias - Plato
  • Leviathan - Thomas Hobbes
  • On liberty, utalitarianism, and other essays - John Stuart Mill
  • The Oxford Handbook of Aesthetics - Jerrold Levinson (2005)
  • An Introduction to Contemporary Epistemology - Jonathan Dancy (1985)

  • Politics: An Introduction - Barrie Axford (2002)
  • Politics: Why it Matters - Andrew Gamble (2019)
  • Introduction to Politics - Robert Garner; Peter Ferdinand; Stephanie Lawson (2016)
  • Using Political Ideas - Barbara Goodwin (2017)
  • Political Analysis - Colin Hay (2002)
  • Politics - Andrew Heywood (2013)
  • Theory and Methods in Political Science - David Marsh; Gerry Stoker (2010)


Please see the Economics Academic Resources page for suggested readings that have been recommended by academics in the Department.


An introductory text covering the basics of instrumental rationality, utility theory, game theory, axiomatic social choice theory and public choice theory.

Available for free download via the author's website on the link above.

Podcasts and Videos

There are a tonne of interesting podcasts and lecture series dealing with contemporary issues using philosophy, politics and economics. Here is a just a small sample of some that our PPE team have enjoyed.

  • Common Room Philosophy - A podcast run by Warwick University’s Philosophy society, talking with members of staff about their interests.
  • Partially Examined Life - Philosophers exploring the history of philosophy and applying philosophy to contemporary issues.
  • Philosophy Bites - Short interviews explaining some of the basics of philosophy, and discussions with contemporary philosophers about their work.
  • Shelly Kagan’s lecture series on Life and Death.


Current Affairs and Politics

Philosophy, Politics and Economics Combined

Chapel Phil Podcast

A philosophy, politics, and economics podcast brought to you by the PPE department, Philosophy department, and Parr Center for Ethics at UNC Chapel Hill.

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Politics and Economics

A Big Think lecture from Professor Tamar Gendler, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Yale University.

Philosophy of Economics
Theories of Wellbeing

Serious Science videos from Professor Daniel Hausman, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Maths Revision

The Department of Economics has provided a number of revision notes and quizzesLink opens in a new window for those who wish to revise their Maths.

These may be particularly useful for students who have not studied Maths at A Level or equivalent.

But remember - the core Maths and Statistics modules in the First Year of PPE at Warwick are available at two levels depending on your confidence, and your choice does not affect which pathway you may take or the majority of modules you can take in later years.

Read more in Cyrus' blog.Link opens in a new window

Find more Economics ResourcesLink opens in a new window