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Agnieszka Smaga - BSc Philosophy with Economics Major

Why did you decide to pursue your studies in PPE?

I have always been interested in all three subjects, with the strongest emphasis on economics. I knew that none of the three disciplines can be effectively grasped alone, hence was attracted by the multidisciplinary approach the course offers. I see PPE as an exceptionally intellectually stimulating course, providing a great underpinning for almost all further career paths.

Could you sum up your experience of PPE at Warwick?

I found all classes very interesting, useful and really well taught. Both lecturers and seminar tutors were genuinely caring about students understanding the topics, and were always happy to answer any questions. On top of that, I always appreciated the great PPE network within the university, where older students were pleased to mentor and guide younger ones.


What does your current job involve?

Straight after graduation, I have been working at Goldman Sachs Investment Banking division which was a wonderful, yet very challenging experience. After two years I have made the difficult decision to resign in order to pursue a Master's degree at the University of Cambridge (Real Estate Finance), after which I aim to come back to the financial sector, most likely on the buy side.


How did the course, PPE programme, departments and Warwick prepare you for life beyond graduation?

Having chosen Economics + Philosophy pathway, I was particularly impressed by the level of quantitative subjects the Department offered, especially Econometrics and Statistics which turned out to be very useful in my further academic and professional pursuits. On the other hand, excellent Philosophy classes taught me how to structure my line of argument. On top of the course curriculum, I recognise the big role PPE Society played in my overall experience, providing mentorship and taking good care of the social aspects of the life at Warwick, allowing to build a great network of talented and motivated individuals.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to current students?

Have fun and enjoy Warwick - these were surely one of the best years! Work very hard on the coursework, but simultaneously engage beyond academic work and make friends, as the network of people around you is among best things Warwick has to offer.

What’s your advice for a student considering PPE at Warwick?

Be conscious of the hard work the course involves - you might need to work twice as hard as your peers doing other courses, but it's definitely worth it! Work hard on your personal statement, as the course is very competitive - try to show you understand the interlinkages between all three disciplines, are a hard worker and motivated student. Don't forget to put a great focus on your extracurricular efforts, show that you are a proactive member of any community you belong to.

Agnieszka Smaga