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Avani Lal - BA Bipartite with

Why did you decide to pursue your studies in PPE? What makes your course distinctive?

The PPE programme at Warwick is excellent, it gives you the freedom to pursue areas you are interested in and specialise into a specific area if you would like to while also maintaining a focus on the inter-disciplinary nature of PPE and giving you an excellent grounding in all three disciplines. Each of the three departments offer excellent teaching, resources, and a fantastic range of modules. Having access to the resources of all three departments means that PPE students benefit from a huge choice of modules, access to a wide range of academics with a range of expertise, and opportunities for careers, skills and personal development offered by all three departments.

What have been the highlights of PPE at Warwick?

What were the best / most useful / interesting classes you have taken? What was great about them?

I have taken many interesting modules so far, but my favourite has been Issues in Political Theory which covers several prominent contemporary political philosophers and applies their theories to current issues such as immigration, gender equality and multiculturalism. For this module several different Professors lecture us on their specialist area. They have all been very engaging and enthusiastic and being taught be experts in each topic has been incredible. Also, the relevance of the module’s content to the world around me has made it a really rewarding module.

What kinds of extracurricular activities are you involved with at Warwick? (societies, athletics etc)

Outside of my studies, there is always something to do. I have been very involved in the PPE Society, in my opinion, the society is one of the best aspects of PPE at Warwick. PPE Society run talks by prominent public figures and politicians, social events, revision classes to help with exam preparation, careers events to help with job applications and networking, an annual ball, charity events, weekends away and much more. In my first year, I went on a trip to Copenhagen with the PPE Society which has definitely been the highlight of my Warwick PPE experience. I made amazing friends and memories on this trip, in fact, my current house-mates are friends I made on this trip! I have also been in the University of Warwick Chamber Choir for the past two years. This has provided a wonderful opportunity to make friends, visit interesting places for performances and keep up my love of singing.

How have you used your summer / free time?

During my summer holidays I have done internships with a FTSE 100 Wealth Manager and an international investment bank. Working in these organisations has been helpful experience and has helped me decide what to do after graduating.


The best thing about PPE at Warwick is…

I really enjoyed being on a campus in first year as it helped me settle in quickly and making friends was easy because everyone lives so close together. I have also enjoyed living off-campus in second and third year in Leamington Spa, having access to shops, bars and restaurants all within walking distance has been great. In many ways, Warwick gives you the best of both worlds – the campus experience and the town experience!


What’s the one piece of advice you would give to first-year students?

My advice for first year students would be to ‘go for it!’ There is so much going on at Warwick, from your course to talks, sports, societies and socials and I would say the best thing you can do is try everything. Throw yourself into every aspect of university life because it will help you make friends, settle in quickly and make the most of your time at university. Being in my final year, I can say that your 3 years at university go by unbelievably quickly so make the most of your time!

What’s your advice for a student considering PPE at Warwick?

Avani Lal