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Lukasz Kolodziej - BSc Politics with Economics Major with Intercalated Year

Why did you decide to pursue your studies in PPE? What makes your course distinctive?

I’ve always wanted to know more and understand things better. I was really passionate about history, which helped me understand politics. I also studied Economics in high school, which turned out to be my favourite subject. These subjects combined with a Theory of Knowledge class made PPE a natural choice to make. What is special about PPE is that your career options are not limited to one, two or even three paths. We tend to say that PPE students can literally go on to do everything after their studies….maybe except medicine.


What have been the highlights of PPE at Warwick?

Getting involved with Warwick Economics Summit in my first year, I was quickly given many responsibilities and that was definitely a great experience, especially as the whole team consisted of incredible persons. In addition, going for exchanges has definitely been one of the greatest highlights of PPE at Warwick as these have really added value to my studies and my overall life experience, for which I’m really grateful.

What were the best / most useful / interesting classes you have taken? What was great about them?

Political Theory from Hobbes happened to have a great impact on my thinking on politics and global affairs. I also greatly enjoyed The World Economy module’s curriculum as it gave me a great insight to how the world got to where it is today and I think it perfectly mixed with the Political Theory from Hobbes module and combined together equipped me with a very good understanding of the socio-economic context of the last centuries’ events.


What kinds of extracurricular activities are you involved with at Warwick? (societies, athletics etc)

I’ve been involved with the Student Staff Liaison Committee of PPE, I was also a member of Warwick Economics Summit 2016. In addition, I sang in Warwick’s Chorus. This year I am a co-organiser of the XI Congress of Polish Student Societies in the UK, which takes place at Warwick.


How have you used your summer / free time?

In Summer 2016, the summer after my first year, I stayed in Warsaw to intern for the National Bank of Poland and Warsaw Stock Exchange, both being very valuable experiences that positively added to practical knowledge to the theoretical one that I gained on the Economics courses. Last summer, I started from working on constructions as a labourer, which helped me free my mind from the academic workload. I then moved to Madrid to work as an intern for a Spanish financial consultancy. In my free time, I play piano and write poetry and memoirs of my thoughts on current issues.


The best thing about PPE at Warwick is…

Open-minded and incredibly bright people from around the world who surround you every day. This gives you a great chance of getting to know about different cultures, defending your own opinions on a wide range of topics with people from the whole left-wing political spectrum. Through that, you truly get to know your actual self.


What’s the one piece of advice you would give to first-year students?

Go out and meet as many people as possible, do not be afraid to ask 2nd and 3rd year peers about their experiences and advice, speak to your lecturers, seek their advice and opinion as well.

What’s your advice for a student considering PPE at Warwick?

The bridge model approach offered by Warwick’s PPE makes a big difference when it comes to the quality of your studies. If you want to gain a deeper understanding of why the world works the way it does, how the global economy got to its current shape, or why we even strive for happiness, then PPE at Warwick is definitely for you. Regardless of your interests and future ambitions, I can honestly say that the time spent here will greatly benefit your life for many many years.

Lukasz Kolodziej