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Rowan Carew - BSc

Why did you decide to pursue your studies in PPE? What makes your course distinctive?

I decided to study PPE because of my interests in policy-making and a willingness to understand what is right. The three disciplines that make PPE complement each other hugely; my studies have enabled me to focus on International Relations, Political Philosophy and important economic models for public policy.


What have been the highlights of PPE at Warwick?

My highlights of PPE have been getting involved with the Warwick PPE Society. It is full of like-minded students that are keen to expand upon the knowledge they gain in their modules through academic talks, careers events and plenty of opportunities for debate. On top of that, you meet some really fun people along the way.


What were the best / most useful / interesting classes you have taken? What was great about them?

I personally enjoyed studying modules such as World Politics and Theories of International Relations, as they gave me a good flavour of studying global politics. In addition I enjoyed my core economics modules, as they gave me the foundational knowledge needed to expand into other areas.


What kinds of extracurricular activities are you involved with at Warwick? (societies, athletics etc)

As well as being involved in PPE Society, I spend a lot of time playing music, getting gigs and practice times through Warwick Band Society. I also played rugby in my first year, and got to travel Uganda on a building project with Warwick Raising and Giving (RAG).


How have you used your summer / free time?

In the summer of my first year, I went to Uganda to work with a charity called East African Playgrounds. I had to fundraise to do this, and a lot of the money I earned doing a summer job helped me fund the trip. Last summer, I spent 10 weeks in Bristol interning with the Royal Bank of Scotland. In my free time I work on my French speaking, play music and try to make the most of my social live living with lots of students in Leamington Spa.


The best thing about PPE at Warwick is…

You have so many opportunities to stretch yourself. Throughout your learning, you will consider questions that affect society which you have never thought of before. You may not find all the answers, but you will gain an in-depth understanding of so many crucial debates that determine the wellbeing of society.


What’s the one piece of advice you would give to first-year students?

Do your best to stay organised. There are so many new experiences and aspects of adult life to get used to in first year. Those that are relatively organised with their study times, notes and contact hours always find it easier to enjoy all the other perks of being a fresher at university.


What’s your advice for a student considering PPE at Warwick?

If you are interested in gaining an understanding of the way that society functions, this is the course for you. Warwick is so flexible and really lets you focus on the areas within the three disciplines that appeal to you. As such, almost everyone on the PPE programme has a unique degree! My advice is to keep up to date with current affairs and do your utmost to critically engage with them.










Rowan Carew