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Tom Callow - BA

Why did you decide to pursue your studies in PPE?

Unusually for the early 2000s in a state secondary school, I completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma rather than A-levels. I liked the idea of journalism, but wasn't sure what career I ultimately wanted to pursue, and liked the breadth of the IB, studying six subjects at different levels. I heard about PPE and the multidisciplinary approach of the course really appealed to me.

Could you sum up your experience of PPE at Warwick?

I think the word that sums up my experience at Warwick best is 'balance'. I think that the university provides a great balance between academic and research rigour, as well as the essential opportunities to develop life skills outside of your studies. I remember feeling challenged, but never stifled. I think Warwick understands how to produce rounded and grounded graduates.


What does your current job involve?

My current job involves communicating with a wide range of external stakeholders, as well as helping to map the future strategy of the business. I talk to the media on a daily basis and am responsible for positioning my company positively in the press and wider public realm to enhance its reputation and ensure our stakeholders are aware of what we are doing, and of our successes.


How did the course, PPE programme, departments and Warwick prepare you for life beyond graduation?

The discipline required to balance the three subjects (two in later years) prepared me for the necessarily to prioritise work effectively to achieve the best outcomes. I also think specific topics help me in my daily life, such as formal logic, which can be an essential tool in persuading someone - usually a journalist! - of the validity of my view. It's not surprising that so many senior politicians have studied PPE, as it provides a great insight into where many important issues intersect.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to current students?

Work hard, but not 'too hard'! Don't waste the ability to leave with a fantastic, valuable degree, but remember to have fun. Your social development is just as important as your academic development - it's all about balance.

What’s your advice for a student considering PPE at Warwick?

Warwick is an incredible ecosystem of opportunity. Knowing people who have studied PPE elsewhere, I think the course at Warwick works to a more rounded and relevant syllabus, within a more cohesive framework, combining the three pillars very effectively. A Warwick degree prepares you brilliantly for today's complex and nuanced world.

Tom Callow