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Outside the Classroom

As a PPE student, you will have access to numerous extra-curricular events and opportunities to further enrich your student experience, including lectures by visiting academics and guest speakers, mentoring, careers events and numerous personal development opportunities.

Department Activities

Each department actively engages with students, running seminar series and hosting events for students, or supporting student activities.

The Economics department hosts the annual Economics Question Time; a special event held at the beginning of the year which gives you the chance to engage with politicians, policy makers and academics on major issues, and past guests have included Christina Lamb OBE, Dharshini David, Samira Ahmed, Kate Williams, Lord Norman Lamont, David Goodhart, and Melanie Dawes.

In Politics and International Studies the departmental Film Club regularly screens documentaries and feature films that focus on the political themes students explore in their undergraduate and postgraduate learning. Films range from Hollywood blockbusters to independent or foreign-language films. Each film is introduced by a member of academic staff and is followed by an informal discussion, enabling students to share opinions.

Philosophy students showcase their writing in the student-run magazine Pharos, where they publish their own philosophical works, as well as interviews, module reviews, and society news. Pharos aims to provide a forum for philosophical commentary and analysis that caters to a broad range of interests that extend beyond lectures and seminars.

Warwick PPE Society

Established in 2004, the Warwick PPE Society is a dynamic student-run group that hosts a range of events related to Philosophy, Politics and Economics. With over nearly 800 members, the society has far more members than those who just take the degree, bringing together anyone with an interest in the economic and social world into one diverse and active society.

The PPE Society were very pleased be named Society of the Year at Warwick in 2014 and runner up for the RBS ESSA Gold and Silver Award for Best Alumni Engagement and Most Innovative Event in 2013.

Academic Societies

Warwick's Economics Society is one of the largest on campus, with over 1700 members across 109 degree programmes. Its aim is to give its members a diverse range of events that helps them to progress not only academically but also along their chosen career path.

The Politics Society is also very active and hosts a range of activities, talks, careers events, awards, charity events, socials, a network of political party society support and an exclusive chance to teach politics in local schools.

The Philosophy Society hosts regular guest speaker events with academics from outside and within the University, as well as mini-speaker events presented by undergraduate and postgraduate students. In addition, they organise several reading groups each term which allow an insight into philosophers not covered by the University programme.

Student Research

We have PPE Research Assistants working with academic members of staff to support research, teaching and student experience in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. As a Research Assistant, students are paid to work on a project with an academic and gain a greater understanding of research and teaching at university.

The Warwick Undergraduate Research Scholarship Scheme gives students the opportunity to become directly involved in the research work of the university, experience what it's like to be a member of a research team and take part in cutting-edge research. URSS provides living expenses and skills development to support successful applicants who wish to carry out a summer research project as an addition to their undergraduate degree course.

Work Experience

As well as hiring Research Assistants, the PPE department appoints a number of PPE Student Ambassadors every year to support the department with outreach and Open Day activities. If you come to one of our Open Days you are bound to meet one of our ambassadors as they share their experiences as a current student.




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