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Teaching and Assessment

You will study a set of core modules in all three disciplines, which amount to just over half of the required course work. In addition, you can choose optional modules in each of the three PPE departments or from other departments of the University.

Typically, you will have 10 to 15 hours of contact time per week through a combination of lectures and seminars. Lectures provide you with information, analysis and argument, on the basis of which you prepare for discussion or problem solving in your seminars. Seminars are much smaller groups, in which you deepen your learning through interactive group discussion, debates, and exchange of ideas. In your third year you may choose to place a stronger emphasis on individual research through a dissertation.

All PPE students will also be allocated a personal tutor. The personal tutor can advise on module choices, help if you have problems studying, and will be happy to write you a reference when you are looking for jobs or applying for postgraduate study.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment is by a mixture of coursework and exams, and in some modules you are allowed to choose the assessment method. The first year exams are qualifying exams and do not count towards your degree classification. This will be determined on the basis of your second- and third-year results. You will also have non-assessed and smaller assessed pieces of work and you will get feedback on this work to help you progress.

Skills sessions and programmes

Study skills will be built into your core modules in the first year. So you will develop your academic reading, essay writing, exam technique, data analysis, critical thinking and presentation skills. We also offer specific sessions for second and third years. Warwick also offers the Undergraduate Skills Programme and Academic Writing Programme to help you perfect a range of skills and develop yourself further.

Support from other students

When you arrive, you will receive a PPE parent from the PPE Society, a current student can tell you about their experiences of life and studies at Warwick. These student volunteers can also help guide and support you, give advice and answer questions you may have. New students very much appreciate knowing that there is another student who is willing to share their experiences with them in this way.

How can I prepare?

Students are not expected to have studied any of the three disciplines before coming to Warwick. If you are particularly enthusiastic and feel like getting started, you will receive information on our Offer Holder pages before you arrive.