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Other Activities

As a PPE student, you will have access to numerous extra-curricular events and opportunities further enrich your student experience, including lectures by visiting academics and guest speakers, mentoring, careers events and numerous personal development opportunities. Here are some of the groups PPE students participate in:

Warwick PPE Society

Established in 2004, the Warwick PPE Society is a dynamic student run group that hosts a range of events related to Philosophy, Politics and Economics. We aim to bring together anyone with an interest in the economic and social world around us into one diverse and active society!

With over nearly 800 members, we have far more members than those who just take the degree.

We are proud to announce we were Society of the year at Warwick in 2014 and runner up for the RBS ESSA Gold and Silver Award for Best Alumni Engagement and Most Innovative Event in 2013.

You can see what being a member of the society is all about by watching our video.

Other Societies

Economics Society 

Politics Society

Philosophy Society

International Development Society

Warwick Globalist

Check out the over 250 societies the Students' Union has to offer.

There are also a wide range of departmental events and activities, for example:

Economics 360 Lecture Series

Each year the Department hosts Economics 360; a special lecture series presented by the Department of Economics and Warwick Policy Lab, designed to broaden the education experience and help students interpret what they have learnt in lectures and classes to interesting and important real world situations and subjects.

PAIS Film Series

Politics and International Studies run a departmental film club, which regularly screens documentaries and feature films that focus on the political themes we explore in our undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. Films range from Hollywood blockbusters such as Argo and Zero Dark Thirty to independent or foreign-language films such as The Lives of Others and La Haine. Documentary screenings have included Countdown to Zero, When China Met Africa and The Fog Of War. Each film is introduced by a member of academic staff and is followed by an informal discussion, enabling you to share your opinions.

Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (URSS)

Join the undergraduate research community Imagine securing a bursary to carry out a research project of your choosing during your summer holidays whilst at university. At Warwick undergraduate students can apply for a Warwick Undergraduate Research Scheme.

If you are successful, you’ll get a bursary and skills development training to carry out your summer research project. This project is a fantastic opportunity for you to carry out research supervised by an academic member of staff.

PPE Research Assistants

In 2016-17, we have PPE Research Assistants working with academic members of staff to support research, teaching and student experience in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. As a research assistant, you are paid to work on a project with an academic and gain a greater understanding of research and teaching at university.