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Shaping Inter-species Connectedness : Dissemination workshop

Watch the video recordings of our dissemination workshop held 26 October 2021

In the workshop we presented some of our research findings and launched a film based on our work with dog trainers and people who attended classes with their companion dogs.
The workshop:
  • Explored our findings about the way different training cultures and practices influence dog-human relationships;
  • Discussed the application of an innovative research method to assess an animals’ emotional state and what it shows about the way dogs; experience training
  • Reflected on inter-disciplinary ways of approaching the study of human-animal connectedness.

For more information about the project, please visit the project website by clicking this link

Workshop Replay


Workshop Part 1: Dog training cultures: contrasts and similarities & Film presentation


Workshop part 2: Dogs’ expressivity during training & Embodied multi-species research